Hope, Rhetoric, and Composition

Today begins the new semester for me. I have class for the first time on a Saturday with first-year students. This is my first meeting with my FYS class, and their families are invited, too! I’ll be giving them some basic info and then dismissing them on a brief scavenger hunt (in pairs). Should be fun! I’m hoping to finish the class with 30 minutes of open Q&A with the families and parents (now I’m thinking of it, I guess if there are any younger siblings there, I should tell them they can go with their siblings on the scavenger hunt maybe? They don’t want to be in the room, either!).

After class today, tomorrow’s day is full with other obligations, including convocation, followed by a presentation for the WAs (writing assistants). I will be in full collaboration with the Center for Writing and Research (CWR) as I am currently taking on the role of Director of College Writing. David Cunningham, the Dir. of the CWR, asked me to lead a workshop with the WAs, so that’s what I’ll be trying to do.

I’m linking to my Prezi–click here! I’m also posting the handout I’ll be giving the WAs so they have a better idea of what some of this means. Here’s the handout:

WA Handout