New Media and Digital Publications

New Media

Answering the Phone

This video was prepared for the Council of Writing Program Administrator’s Conference in 2013 as part of a panel on preparing for the job search. The video offers some advice on how to prepare for different kinds of interviews. It was prepped to go along with my statements on the topic, having just completed a successful job search and settled into a new tenure-track position.

Digital by Design

This piece was produced during a graduate seminar to explain my research process both in general and in regards to the current project I was working on. This was a course assignment, but it also demonstrates where my thoughts have come from and how my design has changed and become a bit more sophisticated (while still retain some of the cheesyness that I cherish in life).

Digital Publications

“Negotiating Authority: Perceptions of Age in the Writing Center.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, 8.2 (2011). Web.

“Setting the Scene: Imagery and Student Voice in the Writing Center.” Dangling Modifier, 17.2 (2011). Web.

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