All work and no play…

You can’t focus on academics all the time. That’s just the truth. My favorite things to read outside of writing center and new media studies are usually science fiction (Philip K. Dick is my favorite–the Empire never ended!) and historical fiction (if you don’t know who Hilary Mantel or Philippa Gregory is, you need to get reading!), but who doesn’t love a good princess book?

That’s right: I just read the entire Princess Diaries series. Let me just say: I am so glad I am no longer a teenager. Ohmygoodness! I could hardly take the drama. Now, I like some YA. I’m a big HP fan, love the Divergent series, and the Giver changed my life. I enjoyed the Princess Diaries (obviously, I read all 14 books this weekend–yes, they are quick reads and you can skim a lot of it), but WOW. I mean, wow. I know; I sound like Mia. I just cannot fathom the amount of angst, anxiety, drama. Was I that dramatic when I was 14? I can’t remember. I know when I started dating I was that dramatic, but I didn’t start dating until I was 16. I sure hope the drama didn’t start before then!

I am glad it had a happy ending. The last two books really had me in a bit of a twist. I have to admit, the whole series, I just kept thinking, “Who are you?” She was making such bad decisions. Not to mention she was completely oblivious. I wonder if we’re all that oblivious about the relationships we have with other people?

Well, I also got caught up on the Super Dinosaur series. It’s a fun series–written for “children of all ages” (by which I mean middle school boys). Brendan got me started on this series by buying me the first trade volume for my birthday one year. I’m hooked, though! I asked Brendan just the other day about it, and he confessed that he didn’t know a thing about the series except that it had a T-Rex in it (which he knew I’d love). I can’t believe he didn’t realize the series is written for middle school boys! Wow. I mean, there are excrement jokes. Sigh.

Well, at least I had a good time (mostly) reading. It was a nice change of pace, and gave me a bit of brain candy. I know it’s not *good* for me, but sometimes, you just need some junk. So, I filled up on junk food this weekend! It was a delight. This week, I’ll be working on more writing center and new media studies, so I might have some new posts–we’ll see.

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